Biomedical Electrospinning Equipment, TL-BM
Biomedical Electrospinning Equipment from TONG LI TECH, all metal parts are made from stainless steel 304/316, with insulation inner PP/PE wall, very clean inside chamber, any point inside the chamber can be cleaned easily.

The funtion of TL-BM is just as same at that of TL-Pro-BM. It is equiped with both positive & negative high voltage supply devices,4-channel syringe pump, insulation inner wall, high clean chamber, various spinnerets including single needle, 5-needle, coaxial, side by side, V-shape spinnerets, various collector such as plate, rotating drum, grooved drum, mandrel, disk collectors, and robotic moving machinary for spinnerets and collecotrs. Many different experiments can be achieved by this machine, different types nanofibers can be made, and the nanofiber is even, and thickness controllable. Besides its above functions, It can be also used for conjugated electrospinning, near-field electrospinning and more.

Electrospinning equipment model:

TL--BM-300, BENCH-TOP EQUIPMENT. Fiber sheet side: 300mm*300mm

TL-BM-700, Floor -standing machine. Fiber sheet size: 900*700mm.



electrospinning equipmentelectrospinning equipmentelectrospinning equipment

List of TL-BM electrospinning equipment:

1. High voltage power supply device:
0~50KV, digital display, over-current & over-voltage protection. Output power<25W.
-20KV~0, digital display, over-current & over-voltage protection. Output power<25W.
Option: -50KV~0, for conjugated electrospinning.
2. Four-channel pump: can be controlled independently for individual syringe.
Special designed for electrospinning. Easy to use. Digital display. Flow rate, volume and time of infusion can be controlled precisely. Compatible to work under high voltage.
3. Drum collector(1-5000rpm, +/- 1rpm), 1pc; disk collector, 1pc. Plate collector with holder,1pc. Grooved collector, 1pc. 6 Nos of mandrel collector.

4. Spinnerets with various holders.
4.1 Single needle with holder
4.2 Coaxial spinneret: Coaxial spinneret can produce Hollow nanofibers/microfibers, Core/Sheath nanofibers/microfibers. Using the coaxial electro-spinning method, different characteristics from each polymer can be combined into one fiber.
4.3 Side by side nozzle
4.3 Triaxial spinneret.
4.4 Tri-channel spinneret.
4.5 Multi-nozzle spinnerets:
5. Light source: Special designed light source, LED, cold light source, very useful for observing the spinning process by naked eyes. 6. 6. Exhaust fan.
This device is equipped to cool down the electrospinning equipment in working process, and help the solvent vaporization. Press the ventilation button on the control panel to start working.

7. Safety Measures: Emergency Stop Button; Door safety lock. (The high voltage power will be shut down automatically when door opened. ); Static removing system.

8. Heater
The syringe pump should be put outside when heater is using, otherwise, the syringe pump will be damaged. The best working temp. is 45~50 degree C. Please increase the temp. slowly when heating. In winter, heater is quite useful for solvent volatilization.

9. Slide unit for spinnerets
10. Tubeless spinneret
11. Syringe & soft tube
Plastic syringe: 100 Nos
Needle: 100 Nos
PTFE tubing with PP lure lock connector: 30 Nos
PTFE tubing with PEEK lure lock connector: 45m

12. Insulation X-Y platform for flat collector.

Designed for electrospinning process, Compatible to work under high voltage. The flat collector placed on the platform can move under software control. This X-Y platform is quite useful for Near-field Electrospinning, NFES.

13. Auto-clean device for needles

14. Other accessories.
15. Humidity control

As the solvent vapor should be removed from the chamber continuously, the inside humidity of the chamber can't be controlled directly. While the following methods can be used to adjust the humidity of the room, as the air in the room will be withdrawn into the chamber continuously, the inside humidity of the chamber can be controlled accordingly.
1. Using an Industrial dehumidifier to reduce the level of humidity in the room.
2. Using an Industrial humidifier to increase the level of humidity in the room.
3. Insert dry air to adjust the humidity in the chamber.
Besides, when it is wet day, the heater in the chamber can be used with exhaust fan together to adjust the humidity within some extend.

15. Note: Grounding equipment should be prepared by the user. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

  • Difference of TL-BM & TL-Pro-BM

    1. All metal parts of TL-BM are made from SS304, it is designed for dust-free rooms.

    2. TL-Pro-BM is designed for normal labs to save cost.

    3. The functions of TL-BM and TL-Pro-BM are almost same.

    TL-Pro-BM electrospinning machine info

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