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TONG LI TECH is china electrospinning machine manufacturer,manufactures a large selection of Electrospinning machine that includes lab setups, pilot production equipment, and mass-production machines for both polymer solutions and melts. Nanofiber Electrospinning Machine is a system for producing ultra-fine fiber with diameter of 20-1000nm.

Nanofiber Electrospinning machine manufacturer are setups for producing ultra-fine fibers with diameters of 20-1000nm. Such nanofibers have a very high specific surface area, small diameter, and large porosity. More than 100 kinds of polymers can be used as base materials, including PEO, PAA, PLA, nylon, polyester, acryl resin, PVA, PS, and PAN , as well as biobased materials such as protein, collagen, peptides and cellulose.

TL-BM-300 & TL-BM-700 (from china electrospinning machine manufacturer) are made from stainless steel and safe plastics. It is very easy to clean the inside chamber. They are the best choice for making nanofibers for bio-grade nanofibers such as various films, artificial blood vessel, artificial skin, artificial organs, so on and so forth.

electrospinning machine Features:
- Designed for making nanofibers for Bio-medicine application
- All metal parts: Made by SS304 & SS316
- All insulation parts: Quality PE, PP & POM
- Can make fiber sheet with ≥500micron thickness.
- Various collectors & Various spinnerets
- Can be used in dust-free rooms
- CE & FCC certified.

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