TONG LI TECH manufactures a large selection of Electrospinning machine that includes lab setups, pilot production equipment, and mass-production machines for both polymer solutions and melts. Nanofiber Electrospinning Machine is a system for producing ultra-fine fiber with diameter of 20-1000nm. The nanofiber has very high specific surface area, small diameter and large porosity. There are more than 100 kind of polymers could be used as raw materials. Such as PEO, DNA, PAA, PLA, and also protein, collagen, organics such as nylon, polyester, acryl resin, and PVA, PS, PAN, peptide, cellulose, so on and so forth. The process makes use of electrostatic and mechanical force to spin fibers from the tip of a fine spinneret. The spinneret is maintained at positive or negative charge by a DC power supply. When the electrostatic repelling force overcomes the surface tension force of the polymer solution, the liquid spills out of the spinneret and forms an extremely fine continuous filament.
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