Pilot production electrospinning machine

    TL-20M specification

  • - Equipped with both positive & negative high voltage supply devices.
    - Aluminum alloy frame structure, multi-functions expansible.
    - Multi-needles in arrays. 50~200 needles * N groups.
    - Spinneret moving machinery ensures even fiber sheet.
    - Continuous pump.
    - Thickness of the fiber sheet is controllable.

    - CE & FCC certificates.

    Pilot production electrospinning machine, TL-20M, from TONG LI TECH, is used before large-scale production to test new solutions, electrospinning conditions. Aluminum frame structure makes it possible for extending different functions. The spinneret used is multi-needle arrays, the length and width can be made acoording to customer's requirement. Roll to roll collector and continuous collector can be used based on the thickness of required fiber sheet. For solutions, a continious pump will be supplied for non-stop productions.

  • Options:

    2. Temperature and humidity control system.
    3. Flammable gas alarm.
    4. Exhausion system.
    5. exhaust gas treatment system.
    6. Winding & unwinding machines.
    7. Continuous pump.
    8. Multi-needle spinnerets.
    9. Roll to roll collector.

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