How to make ceramic nanofibers by Electrospinning process

Electrospinning is a popular technique for producing ceramic nanofibers. Here's a general procedure for making ceramic nanofibers by electrospinning:


  • l  Ceramic precursor solution

  • l  Polymer solution (as a carrier)

  • l  Electrospinning apparatus (including a positive and negative high voltage power supply devices)

  • l  High-temperature furnace


1. Prepare a ceramic precursor solution. The solution should be homogenous and have a suitable viscosity for electrospinning. The ceramic precursor solution may contain a solvent, a ceramic precursor material, and additives such as surfactants or stabilizers to control the fiber morphology and prevent agglomeration. TONGLI TECH supplies Polycarbosilane for making SIC fibers.

2. Prepare a polymer solution that can act as a carrier for the ceramic precursor. Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) or Polyethylene oxide (PEO) are commonly used as a polymer carrier. Dissolve the polymer in a suitable solvent (e.g., water, ethanol, or a mixture of both) and stir until homogenous.

3. Mix the ceramic precursor solution with the polymer solution to form a homogeneous mixture. The concentration of the ceramic precursor in the mixture can vary depending on the specific application and material properties.

4. Make nanofibers by electrospinning process.

5. The polymer solution acts as a carrier for the ceramic precursor solution, and the mixture is electrospun into nanofibers onto the collector.

6. After the electrospinning process, remove the polymer carrier by washing the nanofibers with a suitable solvent (e.g., water, ethanol, or acetone).

7. Finally, sinter the ceramic nanofibers in a high-temperature furnace to remove any residual organic materials and convert them into ceramic materials.

The specific conditions and parameters of each step may need to be optimized for each specific ceramic material and application.

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