TL-Pro-BM Robotic electrospinning machine
Robotic electrospinning machine from TONG LI TECH, is equiped with both positive & negative high voltage supply devices,4-channel syringe pump, insulation inner wall, high clean chamber, various spinnerets including single needle, 5-needle, coaxial, side by side, V-shape spinnerets, various collector such as plate, rotating drum, grooved drum, mandrel, disk collectors, and robotic moving machinary for spinnerets and collecotrs. Many different experiments can be achieved by this electrospinning machine, different types nanofibers can be made, and the nanofiber is even, and thickness controllable. It is a better than TL-Pro. Besides its above functions, It can be also used for conjugated electrospinning, near-field electrospinning and more.


Electrospinning Machine, TL-Pro-BM packing list:

1. Two High voltage power supply devices: 

 1st, 0~50KV, digital display, over-current & over-voltage protection. Output power<25W. 

 2nd, -20KV ~0, digital display, over-current & over-voltage protection.

2. Two set of 2-channel pumps: Totally 4 channels, each channel can be controlled independently for individual syringe.

3. Drum collector(1-5000rpm), 1 set. 

Drum 1: D=100mm, L=300mm

Drum 2: D=140mm, L=50mm for collecting highly aligned nano fiber sheet. 

Mandrel: D=234568mm, L=300mm

Grooved Drum: D=110mm 

4. Plate collector with holder150mm*150mm, 1pc.


5. Spinnerets with various holders.


5.1 Single-needle spinneret with holder 

5.2 Coaxial spinneret with holder

5.3 Triaxial spinneret with holder

5.4 4-channel spinneret with holder

5.5 Side by side nozzle

5.6 Linear 5-needle spinneret

5.7 V-shape spinneret (Max. 8 needles can be used at the same time)

5.8 Tubeless spinneret, for small amount solution. 

6. Light source: Special designed light source, LED, cold light source, very useful for observing the spinning process by naked eyes. 

7. Exhaust fan. 

This device is equipped to cool down the equipment in working process, and help the solvent vaporization.

8. Heater

Heater on the top chamber: The best working temp. is 45~50 degree C. Please increase the temp. slowly when heating. In winter, heater is quite useful for solvent  volatilization.

9. Dehumidifier: reduce the humidity inside the chamber. 

10. Safety Measures: Emergency Stop Button; Door safety lock. (The high voltage power will be shut down automatically when door opened. ); Static removing system. 

11. Slide unit for spinneret: Remote control, digital display. Back & forth moving distance: 300mm, Moving Speed: 1 ~ 15 mm/s

12.  Roll to roll collector or X-Y stage.  Only one item will be supplied under your request. 

13. Syringe & soft tube : 100 syringes including 10ml, 20ml, 50ml. 

14. Online auto cleaning device for needles. 

15. PTFE tubings with connectors, 100 Nos. 

16. Tool box: 1 set

17. Temp. & Humidity meter: 3 nos. 

18. Chamber, insulation inner chamber 

19. Other accessories. Belts for rotating collectors. 

20. Voltage transformer, transfer 110V to 220V. 

21. Warranty: 1 year. After warranty, we provide lifetime maintenance. 

Installation requirements

The TL-Pro-BM electrospinning equipment requires, among others, at least the following facilities to be present in the lab where the system will be installed:

  • Ceiling height of > 2m;

  • Floor space of 1.5m x 1.5 m for placement of the system. 

  • A table. This machine is a bench-top equipment, it can be put on a table directly. 

  • Reliable grounding equipment, at least 3 plug bases with good grounding. 

  • Exhaust pipes: Connecting with exhausting system of the machine. Inner Diameter of the pipe=100mm.

Robotic electrospinning equipment

Electrospinning spinneret

Rotating collector for electrospinning

XY platform for electrospinning

TL-Pro Electrospinning equipment info

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