• All in one Electrospinning Machine, TL-OMNI, Specification
    All in one Electrospinning machine from TONG LI TECH, is a floor standing machine, equipped with almost all kinds of lab used spinnerets and collectors, 3D machinary. The extensive functions of TL-OMNI can help you achieve many different experiments.

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All in one electrospinning machine

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    Power source

    220V, Frequency:50/60Hz

    High Voltage Power Supply Device

    0-50KV, digital display

    -20KV ~ 0 KV, digital display

    Output Current: < 1 mA

    Continuously adjustable

    4-Channel Syringe Pump

    Microcontroller based with menu to control the flow rate, time, etc.

    Compatible to work under high voltage.


    Inner Diameter of Single Nozzle


    Coaxial spinneret, inner & outer needles are changeable

    Inner Diameter ≤ 0.7mm (22G-11G)

    Outer Diameter ≤ 1.6mm (22G-11G)

    Gas-assisted spinneret

    Gas can go through inner or outer needles.

    Tri-axial spinneret

    External, middle and inner needles are changeable.

    Tri-channel spinneret

    Needles for every channel are changeable.

    V-shape spinneret ( 2 or 4 needles)

    For conjugate electrospinning(2 needles);

    For making an uniform fiber sheet(4 needles).

    Multi-nozzle spinnerets

    5-needles linear spinneret

    6-needles circular spinneret

    4-needles circular spinneret, 4 inlets, 4 outlets.

    15-needles matrix spinneret ( 3 rows × 5 needles)

    Side by side spinneret

    Diameter: changeable

    Tubeless spinneret (Small-quantity spinneret)

    Used for small quantity solution, e.g.. 0.5ml solution for spinning

    Auto-clean system for spinneret

    The spinnerets can be cleaned automatically, except for multi-nozzle spinnerets.


    Plate collector

    500mm × 500mm with X-Y moving platform

    Parallel electrodes collector

    Distance between electrodes is changeable

    Water bath collector


    Disk collector

    Diameter=200mm, Rotating speed=1~6000rpm

    Groove Parallel electrode collector

    Groove with low rotating speed. (1~150rpm)

    Drum collector -01

    Diameter=158mm, Length=500mm, Speed ≤ 1000rpm

    Drum collector -02

    Diameter=108mm, Length=500mm, Speed ≤ 1500rpm

    Drum collector -03

    Diameter=50mm, Length=500mm, Speed ≤ 3000rpm

    Drum collector -04

    D=100mm; Length=250mm; Speed=1~5000rpm

    L= 250mm. 3 Nos. in total

    Drum collector -05

    D=20mm; Length=250mm; Speed=1~5000rpm

    L= 250mm. 3 Nos. in total

    Mandrel collector

    D=6mm; Length=250mm; Speed=1~5000rpm

    L= 250mm. 3 Nos. in total

    Robotic machinery for spinneret

    X-Z moving system

    X direction: backwards and forwards,program control, Max. X-axial slide travel 600mm,Speed 0~40mm/s.

    Z direction: program control, Moving distance 200mm.

    Robotic machinery for collector

    X-Y moving system

    X direction: backwards and forwards,program control, Max. X-axial slide travel 300mm,Speed 0~40mm/s.

    Y direction: backwards and forwards,program control, Max. Y-axial slide travel 300mm,Speed 0~40mm/s.


    HV power supply switches off automatically when door is opened.

    Static removing system.

    Emergency stop.

    Grounded chamber.

    Spinning chamber

    Iron chamber with resistant coating

    Insulation inner chamber.

    Front door & windows made of Tempered glass.

    Humidity display meter.

    Temperature control & display. Room temp. to 80℃

    Exhaust fan.

    Observing lamp.

    Gas inlet.

    Dimension of the chamber

    1.2m × 1m × 2 m height (floor type)


    1.2m × 1m × 1.6 height (desk type)

    Humidity control ( control the humidity of the room)

    Industrial dehumidifier

    Industrial humidifier

    These dehumidifier and humidifier are normal equipments, you can buy them locally to save shipping charge, therefore, the dehumidifier and humidifier are not included in our price quotation.

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